Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Lorcan

Meet Lorcan the Jellyfish.  He was so named because the Irish name Lorcan means silent and fierce.  Jellyfish are silent and their sting can be fierce.

The top picture is of him just hanging around.  The second picture shows him moving through the water.

This little guy was photographed alongside our boat as we sit moored in Liverpool.  It was the first and probably the last time  we will be able to be amongst jellyfish since they are not usually canal dwellers.

But here in Liverpool, while technically on a canal, the situation is different.

Image result for map of Liverpool and Irish Sea

As evident when looking at the map above, Liverpool is off the Irish Sea.  Consequently, its water is sea water and contains the flora and fauna common to ports along a sea coast.  Flora and fauna such as seaweed and jellyfish.

Hence, our chance to meet Lorcan the Jellyfish. 

This is about as close as I ever want to get to a jellyfish.  Nothing personal but I am no fan of burning pain.

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