Thursday, July 16, 2015

We're Back

We have crossed the pond and are back on our narrow boat in England.  We flew from Reagan National to Toronto and then from Toronto to Manchester.  The Toronto flight was over an hour late in taking off as we sat on the tarmac waiting for maintenance to clear us for takeoff.  It was a little nerve wracking as they kept saying it would only be ten minute's longer.  Maybe they took lessons from the Asian restaurant that always tells you your pick up order will be "ten minute".  Eventually we did take off and we were never to know what the maintenance issue(s) were but since we arrived safely I have ceased to worry.

Several nice individuals helped us with our luggage both at the airport and on the train.  After taking an all night flight I can not begin to tell you how wonderful that was.  I have noticed that people over here are much more likely to help others.  A nice trait.

After a short stop at a grocery store for the essentials, we headed back to the boat via a very nice cabby who also helped with the bags more than he was required to do so.  We probably had that glassy eyed I am asleep on my feet stare by this time. :)

Once on the boat I decided to concoct a quick and easy dinner of pasta, cici beans, spinach, mushrooms, onion, garlic and pasta sauce with cheese on top.  I served it with some quick garlic cheese bread made on packaged nan bread.  It was quite tasty, filled us up, and required little mental acuity from me, thank heavens.

Today we have been unpacking and doing laundry.  I am also working on starting a batch of Kifer to up my pro biotic intake.  Tonight's dinner is Moroccan in nature:  garbanzo beans Moroccan style over couscous with chopped tomato.  We will have that with a Greek salad complete with feta and leftover cheese bread.  Sliced cantaloupe will be the sweet. 

I have a pot of beans soaking to make bean burgers for dinner tomorrow and I am planning on making the burger buns but if that does not happen we will use sliced bread instead.  Go with the flow works every time.

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