Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maghull to Bridge 9 UPDATE: to the beginning of the locks, I mean

We made our way to Bridge 9 this Saturday morning in preparation for going into Liverpool the next morning starting at 9. 

But then, about 3 a gentleman from British Waterways knocked on the boat and asked if we would like to go part of the way there this afternoon, along with three other boats.  We jumped at the chance, as you might expect. 

So, on down the canal we went, to just before the first series of locks.  On Sunday we will finish our way to the Albert Dock in Liverpool.  And then we will sight-see.

Just opposite where we moored for the night was a Tesco and as you might expect, I had to go in looking for bargains and I found some :-)

In our fridge are two meals worth of ground turkey (Mexican and either Italian or Greek), three small packages of smoked ham (one of which is destined for a quiche) and three meals of beef (stroganoff, Oriental and on the grill with onions, mushrooms and bleu cheese).  I paid half price or less for this bounty and I mean to enjoy every bite of the meals they will be part of, although I will share with Mike.

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