Tuesday, July 21, 2015

£90 Including Postage

When we were last in the US I had my eyes examined.  And, since I have been doing this since I was eight, it came as no surprise to me that I needed new glasses.  I think it was the blurry world I have been viewing and the fact that I have NEVER had an exam that did not end in new glasses that tipped me off.

I saved the new prescription and today went to have my new glasses made.  I did not have this done in the States because:
  1. There was not enough time to have them finished before we left
  2. My eye doctor suggested waiting because the English make wonderful glasses
I know this to be true because I once owned a pair of glasses made in England (mine were broken when we were on vacation here so we had another pair made since I am blind as a bat without them).  Those glasses were by far the BEST I have EVER had, so far.  I am hoping that this pair will be even better.

And, you are going to love this, all this expertise is actually CHEAPER than buying the glasses in the States.  Really.

My glasses are not the standard pair of glasses.  Because of my eye condition mine are somewhat complex which usually translates to expensive.  Like $350 a pair expensive.

So, what are my new British glasses going to cost me?  £90!!!!!  £85 for the actual glasses and £5 in postage to send them on to where we will be a week from Saturday.  That means they only cost the equivalent of $140!!!!

At that price, I can afford to fly to England for a vacation and what I save on my yearly pair of glasses will
help defray the cost of my airfare by over $200.

Now, that is a plan.


  1. Hey, if I send you my prescription, can you pick me up a pair too? Ha!!

  2. Nope because then I pick the frames and they make them to fit my face. Guess you will just have to come for a visit. LOL