Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unfortunately, Popeye Is Not on Our Boat

Last night I made a crust-less quiche for dinner.  It was full of good things like ham, Swiss cheese, onion, and cream.

Unfortunately, I also decided it would be a perfect place to put the last of a package of spinach that needed to be used.

I have done this before, with success.  I was not successful this time.  There was too much spinach for my non Popeye husband.

I have to give him points, he ate it for dinner but did comment afterwards about the heavy amount of that green vegetable that he is only really fond of if it is raw. 

He had a point.  So, the remainder of last night's dinner is no more.

So much for me being economical with our food budget this week.  If no one wants to eat it then what you paid for it is a dead loss.

But, I am making it up to Mike by cooking Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight.  That he loves.

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