Monday, July 20, 2015

Planning Our Liverpool Experience

Mike and I spent some time this morning talking and planning some of the things we want to enjoy during our visit to Liverpool.

  • The Beatles Museum:  located on Albert Dock
  • The Tate Museum and maybe the Jackson Pollock display: also on Albert Dock
  • The maritime  museum: guess what, also on the Albert Dock
  • A bus tour of the city of the hop on and hop off variety
  • The Anglican Cathedral
  • The Catholic Cathedral
  • Take a ferry cross the Mersey, a la the song
  • a giant ferris wheel ride to see the city from way up high
  • a  bus tour, The Magical Mystery Tour, to see such places as  Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, Mendips (childhool home of Paul) and 20 Forthlin Road (childhool home of John)
  • and the always popular charity shops
 We will be here a week but it still looks to be a full one.  Let the sightseeing begin!

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