Friday, July 17, 2015

Burscough to Maghull

We are on our way to Liverpool, home of The Fab Four.  We are booked  to be at bridge 9 and ready to enter the city on Sunday so we are oh so slowly making our way  in that direction.

It was a calm and peaceful day.  The countryside is rural farmland, very pleasing and relaxing to the eye.

What is more relaxing to my knees is the fact that there are no locks on this section of the canal, only some swing bridges and most of them are mechanical requiring no more effort from me than to push buttons and turn a key. Nirvana.

I have made black bean burgers for dinner and just took fruity oatmeal granola bars out of the oven (tomorrow's breakfast).  I discovered that the secret to not having your bean burgers break apart is to cook them very slowly for a long period of time.  Eureka!

The flies have been terrible ever since we got back so tonight Mike is putting up fly paper to hopefully catch some of them before they drive us both crazy (a short drive so we can take no chances).

Mike just got back from his walk bearing bananas for me to use to make my belated birthday pie:  banana cream.  I loved it as a child and still do all these decades later.  Something wonderful to look forward to.  Yum.

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