Friday, July 10, 2015

A Sleep Over

I had a sleep over with my 10 year old great niece.

We painted a small wooden bird house. She made a cheerful rainbow hues beauty. She even mixed her own personal hues and free handed a perfect rainbow on the back wall. It is a beautiful home for any lucky bird.

Then, we enjoyed watching "Mary Poppins".  I hadn't watched it in YEARS! We had to stay up until after 1:00 to finish but it was worth it.  Boy did Julie Andrews and Rick Van Duke ever look young! And I had a great time singing along with all the wonderful songs. I can't remember what happened yesterday but I remembered all the words to the songs. The mind is a strange thing.

We also enjoyed rice crispy treats and lemonade, followed by some cheese curls, pretzels, and taco chips. Ten year olds have bottomless stomach.

And I thought I might be too old for sleep overs. I held my own, although I must admit I was ready to crawl into bed before she was. Energy definitely resides with the young, as this gray haired grandmother was reminded.  I'll have to rest up before we do this again next year.

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