Friday, May 22, 2015

We Are At Blackburn

After 4 relatively easy swing bridges (easy ones have been rare recently with some of them so out of balance I felt like I needed to hire a strong man to cruise with us to help me move the road out of the way which is exactly what one is doing when you move a swing bridge) we are now moored at Blackburn. 

Today we will pick up a rental car and head to a Commissary and then to dinner with our friends in Wittington.  I have a list for the Commissary of things we can't find locally so we should be set for quite awhile for things like white vinegar, borax, baking soda and sugar free products.  These are very hard to get here, if available at all.

After our shopping spree we will head for dinner with our friends in Wittington.  They have a Friday fish and chips dinner their with friends every week that is quite delightful.  I am looking forward to some fried roe, which the local fish and chips place does quite well, and to some nice conversation.

These same friends also accept delivery for us of our Approved Foods orders and we have three waiting for us in their shed.  Two are to restock our kitchen cupboards and one contains yummy gift items for my Dad's birthday and Christmas.  Those plus the Commissary shop should fill the car quite nicely.

We will be taking to them a dog bed I made for their wonderful Branston out of an old turtle neck sweater and some apple butter and dandelion jelly, being in the form of a thank you for allowing us to use them as a local address.  I also add the odd food gift from Approved Foods for them or for Branston.  

Blackburn is also the home of a few charity shops that I am looking forward to taking a look at.  I still have a list of items I am hoping to find but have so far been  unsuccessful.  Things like another coffee pot (we seem to go through them much too fast, a tea kettle (ours now has a leak that can get messy)  and such.

So there is life for us the next couple of days all sorted.

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