Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Picture of This and a Picture of That

A plaque explaining the use of tow line rollers and a picture of one of the said rollers along the canal.  These used to allow the horse towed canal boats to make the often sharp turns found in this part of the canal.

A sketch of our travel up the Pennines, across the summit and back down the other side, which is just what we have started to do.

Mama swan and her six babies.  We are still wearing our winter coats and lighting fires and these poor little things are trying to find their way in this literally cold world.

Another mama duck, not the one from our roof, and her three babies traveling down the canal.

The Pakistani store where we found our great bargains to help get our budget back in line.

The sign along the canal that greeted us as we passed from Yorkshire to Lancashire.

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