Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rooftop Noises

It has been quite rainy here.  That has given me plenty of time to enjoy the sound of the raindrops on our metal roof.  It makes being inside feel even more comfy since you can almost hear each and every individual rain drop as it lands with its little plop.

I have also been listening to the whirring sound of mama duck as she leaves and returns to her nest.  Since our roof is a little crowded with wood she lands on the more open run way of the boat next to us and then does a short "local hop" over to the flower box and her nest.

When sitting at the table and looking out our window we can see the flower box reflected in the window next door and keep track, somewhat, of the goings on in the nest.  If mama is all curled up with her head tucked into her wing you cannot see her.  But, when she moves or sits up she is reflected in the window.  We can observe without disturbing her which is always nice.

Yesterday there was a great deal of movement to be heard but still no sign of a duckling.  We have been back on the boat for 20 days and she was firmly on her nest when we got back.  Hopefully, D Day or should I say B Day for the duckling will be soon.  Keep you posted.

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