Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Wigan 22

Pearson's Canal Companion says of the Wigan locks, and I quote, "If there is a more grueling flight of locks in the country, it does not spring readily to mind. "  

Getting down the 22 locks of the flight took us from 8:30 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon, nonstop.   

We traveled over 200 feet down towards the valley and the city of Liverpool over a distance of less than two miles. Two miles in 5 and 1/2 hours seems slow, I know. But there is a  lot more than just the distance.

Each lock has four paddles at each end and heavy gates to open and close.  The first couple locks don't seem like much but then the enjoyment begins to pale. 

By number 20 you are just looking forward to being done and having a rest and maybe a pint.  You have earned it.

Make no mistake, getting through these locks is hard work.  "Masochists excepted, most people are delighted to arrive at the bottom of the flight".

To celebrate, tomorrow we are taking a day off and exploring the town of Wigan and its charity shops and coffee shops.  A good day will be had by all.

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