Thursday, May 7, 2015

And Now There Are Ten

Mama Duck now has 10!!! eggs in her nest.

Mike discovered that this afternoon when we went up to check on why she was rearranging the wood on our roof.

She was, in fact, pulling wood bark chips off the stacked wood and adding them to the nest to cover and further insulate the eggs, all 10 of them.

We saw 1 egg when we got back and for a couple of days afterwards.  Then we stopped looking. 

So, we don't know if the first egg became non-viable and she then laid another clutch of eggs, as they sometimes do, or if she laid the other nine eggs after a bit of a gap between the first and the rest.  This would be unusual.

Mama Ducks usually lay 1 egg per day so the clutch was probably finished about two weeks after we got back.  Incubation is 28 days.  So, they have been incubating for only about a week.  We could have 3 more weeks left!!!!! before they hatch.

What are the odds we will remain here for another 3 weeks?  I would guess slim and none but I will keep you posted.

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