Monday, May 25, 2015

Locks, Locks and More Locks

We have spent the last two days opening and closing 13 locks:  6 on one day and 7 on the other.  We did get to chat with some nice people along the way and two young  ( 12 or under) helped me open and close the gates on two of the locks.  But, never the less, by the end of the day and after making dinner and doing laundry and such I was more than ready to swallow a couple of pain relievers and crawl into bed.  Let us just say my knees were speaking to me loud and clear.

Today we are positioning ourselves at the top of the Wigan Flight of 22 locks (no that is not a typo) that we will take on tomorrow.  Luckily, there will be a couple of people to help us down so I should still be walking, if not happily, at the end of it all.

Below are some snaps taken as we moved down the canal and through the locks.  Enjoy

 Beautiful tranquility along the canal.

Looking down to the road we were driving on yesterday as we crossed over today in the boat via an aqueduct.

 Mama and Papa and babies along the canal path watching the world go by.

Mama and Papa geese with their four babies giving passers by the moon.  No manners, this younger generation. :-)

 Mama, Daddy and four baby cygnets out enjoying the warmer sunny weather.
Mama on her nest with Daddy standing guard and one visible cygnet on the nest with Mama.

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