Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Using A Curtain Rod to Help Save the Environment

I just finished dishes and as I was cleaning up I glanced at the narrow diameter curtain rod that is on the window above the sink.  It was meant to hold up the bottom panel of a kitchen curtain.  Ours, however, has found an alternative use.

Currently it is home to 7 washed and drying Ziploc bags, 2 washed and drying shower caps in gaudy colors, 1 washed and drying sheet of aluminum foil and our extra cloth napkins just folded over the rod.  The washed and drying items are attached using wooden clothes pegs purchased at a £ store.

I have been reusing Ziploc bags for over 20 years (not the same ones :-) and I use them until the writing has disappeared and they have leaks:  they can be used over and over and over.  That saves me a cent or two but more importantly it stops them going into the landfill before their time.  Yes, I could just stop using bags all together but you do remember the size of my refrigerator don't you.  Items in bags take up less space that items in containers.  Ergo, I will use bags for a little while longer and just live with the guilt.

The gaudy shower caps are used to cover those food containers that do end up in the fridge.  They last much longer than the caps sold for the purpose and since I do not micro with them and they rarely if ever touch the actual food I have made my peace with them.  I can find them very cheaply at the $ store when back home so I stash some in my suitcase when in need.  Six or so usually last us about a year before they tear or the elastic just dies.

The aluminum foil was used to hold chocolate (low sugar)  covered almond clusters.  I simply washed off the smatterings of extra chocolate after convincing myself it would just not be dignified to lick them off.  Once dry it will be folded and stored to be ready for another use when called upon.

Not up on the curtain rod but in the same vein is a piece of parchment paper I used to cover a pan when I baked low carb oopsie buns (yep, that's their name) to eat with last night's bean soup.  I simply folded the paper and am storing it for the next time I need to use parchment paper.  I can get a few uses before it is time to "retire" it.

What have you done lately to rescue things from the landfill before their time?