Saturday, May 30, 2015

How is Mount Vernon related to a pub?

The Cat and the Cabbage is an Army pub in Yorkshire whose name is a tribute to the regimental badge of The York and Lancaster Regiment who fought valiantly in the Boer War, WWI and WWII and the Suez Crisis before it was disbanded in 1958. It's regimental  cap badge pictured a cabbage rose and a tiger, leading to the regiment's nickname of the Cat and the Cabbages.  So raise a pint to their memory and courage.

The Drunken Duck in Cumbria got its name as the result of a duck found motionless on the cobblestones behind the inn.  The frugal innkeeper's wife decided to turn the duck into dinner, taking it into the kitchen and plucking it in preparation for cooking.  However, the kitchen warmth soon revived the duck who began vocalizing his indignation.  A closer look into the matter showed that a keg of the inn's best had  broken in the yard earlier and the thirsty duck, rather than being dead was only dead drunk.  The innkeeper's wife knitted him a cover to wear until his feathers grew back.  As would be expected, this fact got around and attracted many, many visitors to the pub.  The innkeeper, no fool he, soon renamed the pub in the duck's honor.

The Admiral Vernon's sign is the unusual image of a large human ear out of which a sailor is using his telescope to check his surroundings for the enemy.  Why would a pub have such a sign?  In the 1700's relations between the Spanish and the English were less than harmonious.  One skirmish was the result of the Spanish boarding the vessel of one Robert Jenkins, tying him to the mast and cutting of his ear as an example of what they would eventually do to the King of England if given the chance.  In 1738 Jenkins presented his severed ear to Parliament.  The War of Jenkin's Ear, which was fought from 1739-1742, made Admiral Vernon, who was sent to wage the war, a national hero.  The pub sign is a reminder of this time in British history and the hero of that time. As an aside, Mount Vernon was named in honor of Admiral Vernon.  Remember, the citizens of the colonies were still proud Englishmen at that time .

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