Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mama and Her Babies

Image result for images mother and three ducklings            Image result for images mother and three ducklings         

Yesterday we discovered that Mama has had her babies.  She must have had them the day before since they are now in the water and that usually happens a day after their birth.

I wish I could have seen them get from the roof of our boat to the water.  Someone we were talking with says Mama would call to them and they jump and flap their little wings like crazy on the way down.  That must have been so cute.  Sorry to have missed it.

Of the 10 eggs only 3 chicks appear to have been successfully incubated. 

But, for personal reasons that some readers will understand, I think that is the perfect number.  I have named mama Bess and the babies Sophia, Peggy and Lucy.  May they enjoy their wonderful time together.

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