Sunday, June 1, 2014

Inspired by Simon and Garfunkel

Every gardening season I have this dream fantasy that THIS will be the year I develop a green thumb.  And every year I am disappointed.  Plants wilt and die.  Bugs eat away at the leaves. Seeds fail to germinate.  The weather gets so hot so early that the lettuce and spinach bolt and head for the hills.

But the next year there I am again, full of excitement and hope.  Planting things that the experts say anyone can grow.  Apparently they haven't heard about me yet.

This year the bug bit me again. 

I know, we have no ground, no land, no dirt. 

But, I have discovered that narrow boaters do not let that deter them.  Boat tops are covered with pots, window boxes, and whimsical containers such as old work boots, tea kettles, old suitcases, and such filled with dirt and planted with flowers, herbs and veggies.

I could but join in.

So, at the bow of the boat we have a window box full of geraniums to provide a touch of color.

On the roof we have a large bag of compost (their term for potting soil) into which we have cut X's (as directed) and have planted an herb garden:  coriander, lemon coriander, chives, lovage, basil, oregano plus the ever popular parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

I have high hopes this year since chives is something I have been able to get to grow and come back for me year after year. :-)  May the gods of gardening smile down upon me.

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