Thursday, June 19, 2014

From Cromwell Weir to Torksey Lock

The Trent is Britain's third largest river and the only one that flows north (for most of its course) eventually terminating at the North Sea.

The Trent becomes a tidal river just below Cromwell Weir.  While traveling along it we meandered through a large floodplain with small riverside villages.

More common to see were the cows, sheep, heron, mallards and swans that live along or in the river. 
It was a warm day when we traveled and the cows were taking advantage of the water to cool off.  We also saw one cow using the river bank, which is steep in places, to scratch the side of her face.  Cute.

We exited the Trent at Torksey lock and entered the Fossdyke canal that links the Trent to the City of Lincoln and the River Witham.

Along this tidal portion the Trent specializes in shoals that are close to the surface but unseen by the unwary boater who could find himself aground on one.  Sometimes a shoal may extend as far as halfway across the river. 

In other places there are sunken barges and even sunken islands, it is best to avoid.  That is why you pay 10 pounds for the navigational charts.  :-)

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