Friday, June 6, 2014

Swimming Lessons for Seven

Below are some pics of momma and pappa swan on and about their nest at the water end of someone's garden along the canal.  Notice how well they have picked their spot:  protected, easy to defend, easy to escape, and fairly difficult for the casual observer to see.

In fact, I had to blow the pics we took up until they were a little blurred in order for you to see them easily (I was about to say clearly but that isn't true, is it.)

P.S.:  The additional figures of a heron, duck, etc. are cement figurines decorating the shore line.


A few days later we were re-tracing our steps on the canal (we seem to do that a lot :-) ) and were lucky enough to catch a picture of the same nest but with the cygnets clearly visible huddled together for nap time.  Notice, momma is still close by monitoring everything.

 It wasn't long before nap time was over and the family was out and about for a "stroll" or glide down the canal.

You can just see the pride of momma and poppa swan in their little family (if you call seven little).
I swear I would never get tired of seeing these little things and watching them grow up.  A miracle of nature.

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