Monday, June 16, 2014

Black and White and Wet All Over

Just shortly after we got back from our last trip back to the states, we were moored along the canal and England was having one of its chilly rainy days.  Mike had gone off to visit with someone and I was on the boat being a domestic engineer (making bread).

Standing in the kitchen I heard the mewing of a cat coming from somewhere very near.  I set out to discover where.

Going to the cockpit and scanning down the top of the boat I quickly saw our little mewer.  She was standing beside the pigeon box and calling down into the kitchen from there.  Smart kitty.

When she saw me she came trotting over to find shelter from the elements.  She was soaking wet, shivering and very bedraggled.  What else could I do?  I scooped her up in my arms and set forth on my rescue mission.

Shortly, she was snuggled up next to my chest, covered by my warm winter coat, and purring her heart out in thanks.  The way to my heart is with a purr.

By the time Mike returned she had a warm and soft bed (my crocheted soft yarn winter hat), some food (always available since I was once a girl scout) and a lap to curl up on when she liked (mine) while I read and she napped.

We spent the rest of the day basically thus. 

At bedtime we made sure that she could get out and back in when nature called, topped off the food bowl, and augmented her bed with my soft and warm winter coat to snuggle down into. 

The inhabitants of the boat were of two minds that evening.  I hoped she would still be around in the morning and Mike hoped she would have continued on her journey. 

I won.

The next day she would venture off the boat but came back as it suited her.  Food and shelter and companionship were always awaiting her.  I loved once again having a kitty on my lap to stroke and listen to the purring.  I think she enjoyed it, too.

But, we had to move on and so did she.  So, on the second evening she went on a stroll and did not return that night.  The next morning we headed on down the canal.

I hope she might have a flicker of memory for me.  I know I will remember her.

Oh, and we have a new unopened box of cat food just waiting to see if it is needed in the future. :-)

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