Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day One in Lincoln

Yesterday we spent the day in Lincoln having lunch, going to the open market and the central market and visiting the charity shops looking for videos and baskets to replace boxes that are being used to store things. 

The videos are our form of evening entertainment since we have no TV.  We found quite a few "classics" yesterday that fit Mike's one pound price limit.  I did buy Out of Africa for 1.50 but that can be our little secret. :-)

The baskets fall under the adage that items in a container look neater than the same items out of a container.  To that I am adding my belief that items in an attractive container look better than items in a recycled cardboard box.  Mike says they both do the same thing, and they do, but one sure looks better than the other.  And at only 1.49 I'll be a big spender and spring for it. :-)

At the markets we found a melon for mike and some fresh cherries.  There was also some wonderful looking meat but no room for it in the freezer which is full of veg and cheese mainly.  Must work on that so that I can stock a few items to grill in this fine weather.

We had lunch at an outside table and sat near us was a couple just a little older than we are.  We struck up quite a conversation.  He used to work on submarines and they both love to travel.  Malta is one of their favorite locations so we are looking into that for a future jaunt. 

We have found it very easy to start conversations since once we say anything people know we are not locals.  I wonder how?  It's a great ice breaker.

Today we are off to play tourist at the cathedral and some of the historic buildings that are only 600 years or so old. These towns are full of living history.  Will catch you up on the historical sites tomorrow.

As they say here, toodle pip.

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