Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Hoover

 The moorings along the rivers are different than the moorings along the canal.  When we are on a canal we can just pull over to the side and drive in a couple of stakes or tie up to the rings or bollards provided.  When on the river, however, one must find the floating docks provided by British Waterways at certain intervals along the river.
We recently tied up for the evening and the following day at one such mooring.  And this pair of ducks have figured out the system.
They know that if you go up to the boats and "ask" that usually the nice creatures inside will feed you. 
They came morning and night and would quickly, oh so quickly, hoover up any and all food provided.  I have never seen ducks eat so quickly.  It was a race to the finish.

And, once the food was gone, they would patiently sit there and wait to see if more would be forthcoming.  After five minutes or so they would decide to take no for an answer and would wander off to swim and fend for themselves until the next feeding time.  Quite charming little things, actually.

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