Friday, June 13, 2014


Before heading back down the River Trent we spent a few days moored in Nottingham.

Just outside of Nottingham, at the junction of the Beeston Cut and where the Nottingham Canal used to enter from the north, is a place called Lenton Chain.  It was thus named because the Trent Navigation Company used to lock the Beeston Cut by putting a chain across it so as not to allow boats access from Saturday evening to Monday morning.  They made sure no work was done on Sunday.

Nottingham is traditionally known for its lace industry.  Shop widows display gorgeous wedding dresses, veils, hats, formal dresses, nightwear and more.  As I heard on gentleman comment, when he enters the lace district he can hear his wallet groan. :-)

Some wonderful Castle Rock ales are brewed locally.  We sampled six of them and enjoyed them, even before we had consumed all six completely. ;-)

 We did this "research" in a pub located in one of the old warehouses in the city.  A unique feature is the internal mooring for a narrowboat that the bar overlooks.  This harkens back to the days when the boats would enter, be loaded, and then exit and make room for the next.

Nottingham Castle, situated on a rocky ridge in the middle of the city, was originally a castle of William the Conqueror and was the base of Robin Hood's enemies.  Unfortunately, the original castle is long gone.  The building currently on the site was built in 1674 and is being used as a Museum and Art Gallery.

However, the secret caves located beneath the castle are still there and can be visited.

In our walks around the city we saw where once empty warehouses had been rehabbed into beautiful waterside housing.  Lovely.  We also saw a pub that clearly had its date of construction marked over its door: 1211 A.D.  Unfortunately, we never stopped in  there for a pint.

We did, however, have some wonderful Thai noodles at a place called the Wok and Go near the ceter of the city.  Yummy and worth going back again to enjoy them again. 

No sign of Robbin Hood, his Merry Men or Maid Marion.  A Disappointment.

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