Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who Knew They Hissed Like A Snake!

Mommy and Daddy swan and the not so little signets showed up near our boat a couple of days ago.  If you Look in the first pic you see Momma's head is underwater.  In the second pic you can see the green plant matter that she has "harvested" to feed her children.

Daddy then came up to the window of the boat and the little ones tagged along.  Since this is what the swans do when they are requesting food, I decided to oblige them.

Although I didn't get a picture (I was too busy jumping back out of the way) Daddy let me know he was on guard and wouldn't take any messing around with his offspring.  His neck darted towards me and he HISSED!  It was definitely enough to convince me he meant what he said. As you can see, he remained on guard while Momma and cygnets ate.

 With one last stern look focused in my direction, Momma, children and Daddy bringing up the rear, headed off down the river.

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