Monday, June 9, 2014

Adjustments, Adjustments, Really? (Edited)

Want to order a Pizza Hut Pizza here in the UK?  OK, here are your choices:

  1. A Veggie:  fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers, ret onion and mushrooms
  2. Meat Feast:  BBQ sauce with pepperoni, ham, beef and chicken
  3. BBQ Cajun Chicken: BBQ sauce, Cajun chicken, mixed peppers, onion, green chillies and BBQ drizzle
  4. BBQ Americano:  BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon and corn with BBQ drizzle
  5. Heavenly Veggie: goat's cheese,black olives, cherry tomatoews, onions and fresh rocket greens
  6. New York Deli:  hot dog slices, ham, bacon, onion topped with a mustard and mayo sauced
The only thing I remember from the US menu is pepperoni, onion, peppers and olives.

I don't ever remember BBQ sauce on one of their pizzas.

I especially don't remember corn on a pizza.

British pizza is obviously not the same as US pizza.  I don't know if I can get used to this. I wonder what that means?

But seriously, BBQ sauce, corn and mustard and mayo sauce?  Really?

Edit:  My daughter, who has traveled extensively and lived in many places around the world, has informed me that the rest of the world thinks corn on pizza is normal.  I guess my Ugly American gene is more active than I  had hoped.  I promise to try it on my next pizza.  I will probably love it.
I know, DD1 and DD2, I always said you can't say you don't like a food until you have tried it.  I should have thought of that earlier.  :-)

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