Monday, June 30, 2014

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

 The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is located adjacent to RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.  On display here are examples of classic aircraft from WWII.  These aircraft are maintained in airworthy condition and can often be seen in the air over the base or as part of official activities such as the Queen's birthday celebration.

Lincolnshire, with its predominately flat terrain, was awash with planes, pilots and aircrew during the years of WWII.  It is fitting that the stories of some of the brave pilots and crew who flew in the Battle of Britain, stories of courage and sacrifice, should be told here.  As the badge of the BBMF states: Lest We Forget .
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Crest.jpg Lancaster Exhibition Area

Two Spitfires on display at BBMF.

The Hurricane on display is the last Hurricane to have entered service with the RAF. She appeared in the films Angels One Five, Reach for the Sky, The Battle of Britain and a TV series The War in the Air.

 The Lancaster bomber that is part of the flight is one of only two surviving airworthy examples with the other being in Canada.

This Dakota was built in 1942 and is equipped with  authentic period 'para seats'.  She is used in commemorative parachute drops.

History comes alive in the air.

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