Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thoughts And Observations from a Soon to be Old Age Pensioner

  1. My gray hair is a badge of honor testifying to all the years and memories that make up my life.
  2. That hair may be thinning but I still have hair and no bald spot yet so life is good (and there are always wigs).
  3. What is with the extra hair growing on my chin and lip? If only I could redirect it to the top of my head.
  4. My toes seem to have taken on a life of their own and grown all which ways.  Is their a chicken in my family tree?
  5. My eyebrows have really thinned out.  But, now they don't meet in the middle suggesting a prehistoric link and I have WAY less plucking to do.
  6. I have diminishing hearing that is especially helpful in loud surroundings and when you really don't WANT to hear what is being said.
  7. I have developed quite a few laugh lines (AKA wrinkles).  But, there's a memory or two attached to each one that I can relive when life is slow.
  8. My oily skin is drying out.  Hooray, no more zits at last.
  9. My sagging skin reminds me of a saggy, baggy elephant.  Thank heavens for spanx and long sleeves.
  10. Gravity is making my girls sag.  But at least they don't reach my navel, yet.
  11. I have OLD knees that like to "talk" to me and have made me slow down when I walk, but I now get the chance see so much more of what is around me than before.
  12. My old eyes don't work as well as they used to, but I can still read, see the beauty of the world and, heck, I now get to be chauffeured.
  13. Those patches of spider veins on the inside of each ankle:  thank heavens for trousers, long skirts and dark hosiery.
  14. The years have brought a touchier tummy, especially with oily foods: can we say fewer calories? not so bad.
  15. Those age spots, I prefer to think of them as large freckles.
  16. I recently developed a compression fracture in my back.  But when it twinges it makes me smile because I got it from falling out of bed (yeah I know).
  17. I love being comfortable with the fact that I can't make everything perfect and I don't need to.  Good enough is good enough.  Whew.
  18. I finally have started to have the ability to let myself off the hook and stop taking responsibility for everything, even when I am not responsible.  Let's keep that ego in place, Sandy.
  19. I have come to see being resourceful is a life skill.  Making do, recycling, re-purposing all give me satisfaction.
  20. Sure, I will never be a beauty queen.  But neither do I make the dogs of the neighborhood howl.
  21. I will never be filthy rich but I don't need to be.  It would just make me a spoiled brat, right?
  22. I will never be nationally or internationally famous.  But I wouldn't have liked the paparazzi anyhow.
  23. I have learned to trust my gut instinct, especially if something feels wrong.  I ignore it and I regret it.
  24. Always choose people.  Things can wait or be replaced.  People can't.
  25. Don't sweat the small stuff.  If it won't matter in a week, a year, let alone a day it doesn't matter now.
  26. Don't confuse being rude with being strong. Rudeness is actually a sign of weakness.
  27. Don't worry about what others think you should be doing. You get to live your life and they get to live theirs.  Nobody gets two.
  28. No matter your age or circumstances, always have a goal.  It gives you a reason to face each day.
  29. A person who doesn't like animals is usually a person I don't understand and won't have a lot in common with.
  30. Cleaning will never be one of the loves of my life
  31. I will never like early mornings.
  32. Happiness can not depend on things outside you.  Happiness has to come from inside. 
  33. This too shall pass.  Bad times will go and good times will come again.
  34. Nobody actually dies from embarrassment.  But wouldn't it be nice if it made you temporally invisible?
  35. Dreading something is always worse than actually doing it.
  36. I wish I could have learned as much from not making mistakes as from making them. (And I wish I obviously hadn't had as much to learn, based on the number of mistakes I have made. :-))
  37. It took me too long to learn to stand up for myself.  I wish I had done it sooner.
  38. Nurture the positive and replace the negative.
  39. Friends are the family you choose for yourself.
  40. Most people are good at heart and want to do good.  They are the ones we should hear more about.
  41. If someone is toxic to your well being it is OK to limit your exposure to them.
  42. Power corrupts.  Hence the actions of our politicians.
  43. There is a big difference between hurting someone unintentionally and intentionally setting out to hurt someone.  Forgive the first and avoid those who do the second.
  44. Question assumptions.  Especially question your own assumptions.  Remember, the first three letters of the word could be what you end up being if you don't.
  45. If you have an issue, problem, job or whatever, tackle it when it is still small.  It only gets harder to deal with when ignored and allowed to grow.
  46. Stop trying to fool yourself with excuses.  You always still know the truth.
  47. You don't have to agree with someone's too generous or too critical assessment of yourself. One will give you the big head and the other will pull you down.  
  48. Arrogance is linked to ignorance.  Be the one and you will look like you are the other.
  49. Talking about doing something is not the same as doing it.  Use that time and energy to just do it.
  50. Act your wage is better advice than act your age.  I don't want to act old.  But I do want to live within my income so I sleep well at night.
  51. I would rather use the money I have to finance experiences and not to pay for things.
  52. God gives us plenty of chances to make fools of ourselves.  My policy has been to take advantage of them all.  It adds laughter to the world.
  53. Learn to laugh at yourself.  Then you won't mind as much when others do the same.
  54. They will never engrave on my tombstone:  She was a Good (House) Worker.  And I am actually pleased with that.  There is more to life.
  55. I want to wear out rather than rust out.  I'm doing pretty good at the wearing out part.
  56. Animals are the only love money can buy.  They love unconditionally and non complainingly.
  57. In the end, only your family and your friends matter.  If you have those you have everything.
  58. Grandchildren and Children are THE true gifts from God.  I am so grateful.
  59. When you fall in love fall wisely.  It is THE most important decision you will ever make.  I have been soooo lucky.
  60. Money is just a tool.  It doesn’t make you happy. It doesn’t make you a better person.  It just means that you can buy stuff.  And stuff doesn’t really make you happy or a better person either.
In the UK when you turn 60 you become an Old Age Pensioner.  Hence the title of the post.

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