Saturday, July 26, 2014

The BEAUTIFUL St. Petersburg Metro

St. Petersburg’s metro opened in 1955.  I will bet big bucks that it is different than ANY metro you have ever seen.

The stops are ornately done . 



The train lines are very deeply underground due to St. Petersburg’s marshy soil.  



As an aside:   Taking advantage of this fact, a secondary use of the metro stations was as a bomb shelter in case the cold war turned hot.   Also built into the metro stops were storage areas for food and water that would be needed in the necessity of having to use it as a shelter long term. 

It serves 2.5f million riders each day.

It's comparatively inexpensive to ride.

Tokens are less than one dollar each and you can ride a short or very long distance for the same price.  Many workers use the metro since it is the cheapest and fastest  and most efficient way to travel to and from the city. Trains run every 2-3 minutes.

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