Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mike Returns to the "Classroom"

Over the past weekend we traveled back down the Chesterfield Canal looking to once again rejoin the Trent River.  As we were leaving Shireoaks Mike started chatting with a nice young couple who were out for a day of walking and enjoying a small break from the responsibilities of two young children.

Becca and Paul were quite friendly and interested in how the locks work, the ins and outs of living on a narrow boat, what retirement is like, and lots of other things.  To make a long story short, they ended up traveling with us from Shireoaks to Worksop, a distance of about 2.5 miles and 8 locks.

Mike was in his element teaching them the ins and outs of working the locks, etc.  I was thrilled since I got a day off from the locks and could catch up with some other tasks (and just not do the locks :)

Becca and Paul had a little competative thing going but Becca would only declare it a competition once she saw she was ahead! :)  I love that strategy.  Why didn't I think of that?  It sure cuts down on the let down of not winning.

Paul works for a builder of bespoke solid wood doors for the high end market (think pools and tennis court type houses) and Becca works in accounting.  They were wonderful people to meet and get to spend some time with.  The only sad thing was having to say goodbye in Worksop after an iced coffee cooler at Costa.

Hopefully we can find a way to meet up again.  I bet the kids would like a ride on a narrow boat.  Hummmm

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