Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Am Back and Re-Connected and Here Is the First of Many

Tuesday, July 8 left Copenhagen, Denmark aboard  the Eurodam of the Holland America Line

The ship is considered a medium size vessel as cruise ships go.  There are 11 passenger decks, countless bars and performance areas for musicians, a small casino, shops, a library (yeah! I averaged a book a day), two pools, a spa, an exercise area, a casual dining room, a three floor formal dining room, 3 specialty restaurants and a large main stage area for evening shows and large group lectures/talks. 

The cruise also offered an art auction including a Peter Max.  To cushion the blow of how much you paid they were serving champagne to all who attended.  Previewing the pictures beforehand we heard one “gentleman” boasting that his Peter Max at home was larger and valued at well over $1000,000! I guess money doesn’t give you couth.  There were also have several Norman Rockwell’s, a favorite of my mother’s.  I like the serene, all is well feeling but I have often wondered what medication Rockwell took to see the world like this, and, can I have some. J

The onboard shops are full of tantalizing jewelry, furs, clothing and other beautiful things it would be so easy to talk yourself into.  Note to self:  stay out of shops.

The Eurodam is currently one of only 10 ships in world selling the famous creations of Faberge.  When Carl Faberge began making his beautiful works of art, you needed to be a tsar to commission one and royalty to own one.  That takes them well out of my neighborhood.  Carl, Nicolai and Theo Faberge were the family’s three skilled craftsmen.  Theo, the last, was the illegitimate son of Nicolai born in 1922.  He was the last of the Faberge family and when he recently died the creation of more amazing Faberge work died with him.  

Faberge is a brand unto itself.  It defines exclusivity.  So much so that when Theo discovered that a U.S. retailer was offering a discount on Faberge items, Theo removed all of the Faberge pieces from the United States.   Lesson:  don’t mess with Faberge.

Wednesday, July 9, at Sea on the way to Estonia
 A day for exploring the ship followed by the first formal dress dinner in the dining room.  Pictures were taken of everyone attending and, you’ll be amazed, I actually liked ours.  That is one to mark on the calendar.  I think the last time I liked a picture of myself was from my wedding.  Seriously.

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