Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weston Upon Trent

Weston Upon Trent is a small spot on the map with one church, one pub, and some houses.  The house below is the Old Vicarage.  I just love it but then I love almost anything that is old and has a history.  I keep telling Mike that bodes well for him in the future. :)

There are also a lot of chickens.  The girls are cute to watch as they free range all around.  The boys like to strut their stuff (I'm cool.  I'm cool. ) and are talkative at all hours of the day.  All hours. As you can see there are many different types.  I particularly like the ones that look like they were left out in the rain and when they dried it was a VERY bad hair day.  They are very people friendly and will follow you in hopes of a handout.  They were disappointed with us, unfortunately.

We purchased a half dozen eggs both from the girls on our side of the canal and from the girls we can see just across the canal.  Have to help them earn their keep. :)

Yesterday we saw a momma swan beginning to build her nest along the canal edge.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture since by the time I realized what she was doing she was gone.

We also saw ducks going through what might have been a mating sort of ritual.  I assume it was the males that were preening and showing off for the ladies.  That was also comical to watch.  The ladies seemed to take it in stride and I might have even seen a yawn or two.  Maybe they were just playing hard to get.  Unfortunately, no pictures of this either.

In late afternoon we came upon the sheep out for an afternoon stroll.  They were very orderly and if some of them got too far behind they would run to catch up.  Now THAT is an amusing sight to behold.  My guess is that they were being moved to a new grazing area but there was no sign of a shepard in charge.  Maybe they were just making a break for it on a nice sunny day. :)

Just had to include this picture of a canal boat we passed.  I don't know if the creation of a face was intentional but it was amazing.  For some reason it reminded me of the cartoon character from my youth:  Mr. Magoo.

Also wanted to include this beautiful tree all in bloom.  Not to tease but to give you hope that soon your trees will look the same, honestly.  Winter has to end sometime, right?

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