Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moody Mother Nature

It has been a  strange day so far if we take a look back at the weather.  Very strange.

It started out with some rain as we began the day.  Normal.

When that blew over we saw blue sky and puffy white clouds.  Lovely.

A quarter of an hour later the wind was howling, the sky was gray and the rain was pouring.  Typical.

That quickly blew over and the blue sky reappeared but the wind intensified.  OK

Suddenly the blue sky turned angry and the wind began to hurl some significant sized hail at the boat.  HUH?

And as I speak the cycle just seems to be repeating itself .  It is like Mother Nature is in a tizzy and can't decide what kind of a day we should have so she is giving us almost everything in her repertoire.

Except snow.  But wait, the day is still young and with the Artic wind out there snow is not an impossibility.

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