Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Kingdom for a Cart

Walking everyplace you want or need to get to is good exercise.  On nice days it is enjoyable and relaxing.  Most of the time I love it.  But, those other times...

Today was shopping and restocking day before we leave civilization behind us again and head out into the beautiful but very rural English countryside to do the second half of "the ring."

We were in need of a fair amount of provisions, as you know if you read yesterday's blog.  Plus, it was also decided that our stock of adult evening libations needed to be restocked, too.

I am sure all of you that do the shopping for your family (most of you, probably) know how heavy milk, bleach, washing up liquid, canned foods, vegetables, flour, sugar, etc. can be once you get them packed into the bags and ready to take home.

And, remember the adult libations?  Mike found a great deal on Bombay Blue Sapphire Gin at one pound over what he pays for his normal Gordon's gin.  So instead of one bottle to get home we had two.

The result, two enormously heavy cloth bags and two fairly normally heavy bags.  Two each.  No problem, right?

But, add to all of this the fact that the Morrisons had to be at least 500 miles from the boat (or it sure felt like that once we started home).  I felt like a very old pack mule that was loaded beyond her capabilities.

Now here is the interesting part:  we have a two wheeled cart that was purchased so that we could more easily transport heavy loads back to the boat.  However, it only helps when you use it.  To use it you must take it with you.  And Mike has decided recently that he would rather not take it.  So, we didn't have it with us.

My prayer is that after listening to me mumble under my breath and sigh and maybe even moan now and then, Mike will decide that taking the cart in the future will be the wisest thing to do.  He will if his survival instinct is still strong. :-)

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