Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Off To The Shops

We have made it to Middlewitch, approximately half way through the 4 County Ring. 

While I am pleased about that milestone, I am even more pleased that Middlewitch is big enough to have shops for me to buy groceries.  It has been over a week and we are getting down there.

I need: eggs, milk, butter, fresh fruit, fresh vegies, canned fruit, canned veg, olive oil, garlic, cheese, paper towels, washing up liquid, juice, peanut butter, mince (whether it be beef or turkey or chicken I am not particular at this point), sugar, self rising flour, and I am sure other things I am not remembering right now.  I even have to restock our dry milk fall back for when we are out of milk.  Yep, we had to break into that, too.

Luckily I have a 10 pound sterling voucher off a 40 pound shop at Morrisons.  I don't think hitting the 40 pounds will be a problem. :-)

After I dutifully do my grocery shop I will head off to the charity shops in town.  I am looking for some videos and maybe some books. 

Who knows what else might call my name. 

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