Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Diary

Note:  Where we parked last night had no internet signal.  So yesterday's post was done in work and then posted once we got a signal today.

My day began to the song of the birds.  A much nicer thing to wake up to than an alarm clock, I must say.

For breakfast, after the coffee, I made: a Greek omelet for Mike and a Spanish one for me.

After the dishes were done, I did two loads of laundry.  I have discovered that two loads hung to dry works well as it does not take over the living room and dining room areas of the boat.

Then there were the locks to do for today’s journey.  We traveled just over 9 miles today and did 17 locks.  That is a lot of opening and closing and a pretty hefty walk for the day.  My knees were complaining loudly by the end but I just told them it would make them stronger. :-)

It was a gorgeous day.  A shirt sleeves only day.  And as I walked I got to see lots of little lambs playing in the fields and nursing at momma’s every ready milk bar. :-)  I also saw bunnies, birds, dogs, cats, and water fowl.

I did not see many females amongst the ducks and geese, although the males were about.  I am assuming that means the females are sitting on their nests now.  We should have babies in the near future. Can’t wait.

At one lock there was a stall with local eggs: on the honor system to pay.  I have discovered I love these locally produced eggs.  Soooo much better than the ones in the store even if those are marked free range.  They just aren’t the same.

We pulled over partway for lunch and watched the little lambs some more.  We also enjoyed the pastoral views.  Looking at the scene you literally would not be able to tell what century it is.  Lovely.  Lunch was cobbled together from cheese, crackers, fruit and salad.  Nothing fancy but it did the job.

At the last lock of the day I had a nice conversation with the lady who lives alongside the canal.  She had home baked goodies for sale, but I resisted temptation.  

We were discussing my buying some local eggs at a previous lock and she said they usually have eggs but this winter a fox got her “girls”.  They have replaced them with hens from a commercial producer that had outlived their usefulness commercially.  Now, they will have a second lease on life, really be free range, and will produce just lovely for the lady and her family, but no extra eggs yet. 

We finished the last lock just after 7.  As Mike was tying up I went below to do the lunch dishes and get a start on dinner (chili spaghetti using leftover chili).  

I was going to make some bread since we are out but I ran out of ambition.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

All in all a productive, enjoyable and beautiful British Mother’s Day.

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