Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Today in the UK they are celebrating Mother's Day. 

Yesterday I saw hordes of men and children out buying flowers (cut and plants), chocolates, and items from the charity shops in preparation for today's celebration.  It appears British men aren't any better at thinking ahead than American men.  The day before is plenty soon enough. :-)

Since we are not British Mike decided he gets a pass on today. (Phew!)  No need to stress him twice, is there.  :-) 

Today is also the day that the UK springs ahead.  All clocks are put ahead one hour.

 I find that ironic.  Celebrate Mom's Day by taking away an hour of the time she gets to celebrate! 

Oh well, for those who have to still do the work on this day at least they get to work an hour less.  Must look on the bright side.  :-)

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