Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Spend £26 in Under Two Hours

I have, once again, been charity shop shopping.  And today I spent a bit more than usual but I am quite pleased with what I found.

First, I found a pair of pjs and a nightgown for myself.  I will have need of these in September and the ones I have are to raggedy for polite public wear.

I also found 13 balls of yarn at 20 pence per ball.  Wow!  I am already scheming how to use them.

I have been looking for buttons ( to use in things I craft ) and have been striking out.  But today I found a box of them and purchased a total of  59 of different sizes and types for just under £9.  I am quite pleased considering the price of buttons new.

I also found two puzzles and 5 books for my grandchildren and a sleeper for the little girl.

I found a chrome cutlery organizer for £1 that I plan on using in the bathroom to organize makeup, creams and hair items.

I also found a picture frame that will be part of an upcoming wedding gift.  It was still wrapped in its protective plastic with the original price still on it.  My price was much better.

Lastly, I found 5 candles that will be used to make fire starters for the stove to be used next winter.

Not a bad haul.

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