Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Cautionary Tale

I wanted to make homemade potato chips to go with the pizza I had made for dinner the other night.

A perfect time to try out the new  to me mandolin slicer I had recently purchased.

Image result for mandolin slicer
While this is not exact, this is close to what I have.

Notice that little round disc.  That is there to come between you and the very sharp blade that slices things into very thin slices.  Slices perfect for potato chips or crisps as the British call them.

I was half way down the first of two potatoes when it happened.  I had curled my fingers around the round top part and since mine does not have that little edgy thing under the round disc I soon found myself in trouble.

Yep, you guessed it, I added a thin slice of my finger to the potatoes.

Boy did that sucker bleed.  No worry about infection there.

But eventually I got it bandaged in multiple layers to cushion and absorb.

And, I finished the potatoes and made the potato chips.  They tasted great by the way.

So, if you ever by a mandolin slicer watch how you place those fingers. :-)

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