Monday, August 10, 2015

From Dream to Reality

I am not sure why, but all night last night (or at least it seemed all night) I dreamed of baking bread. 

Not just any bread, but my super duper high fiber healthy bread that is lower in carbs and higher in protein. It us full of wheat bran, oat bran, flax meal, oats, soy flour, extra gluten so it will rise, and just a small amount of wheat flour to hold all the rest together.

I woke up several times during the night but each time I fell back to sleep I kept having the same dream.

Finally, at 6:00 I got up and started making the bread.  It seemed to be my destiny. 

Two loaves are now cooling, one for me and one for some friends we are currently traveling with.

Currently, I am finishing baking some banana bread to use up three super ripe bananas and some getting old kefir.  It smells lovely.  One loaf will again be ours and one will go to our friends.

I also made fried potatoes and onions with eggs and toast for breakfast.

It is only just after 11:00 and I feel like I have done a days work already.  I love feeling like things are being accomplished.

Later I will start a fresh batch of kefir, do some locks and swing bridges as we move down the canal, and make Mike's Mom's spinach salad with egg and bacon for dinner.

Sounds like a good day to me.  Wonder what I will dream about  tonight.

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