Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back at Wigan

We are now moored back in Wigan after a leisurely few days of cruising.

One day as we headed out the weather was soft:  a very light sprinkle with raindrops so small that they didn't make you feel wet.  Not a hardship to cruise in that.

Then the dark clouds rolled in, the rain picked up pace, and the foul weather gear came out.

When we got to a lock the rain was definitely coming down hard enough to get you wet, as evidenced by my jeans that were not being protected by the foul weather gear I had donned.

But Mother Nature quickly changed her mind and by the time the boat was through the lock the sun was beating down and the sky was a beautiful blue full of puffy, cotton ball clouds.

And it stayed that way for the rest of our cruising.

From here we will head towards Manchester.

We are hoping to find someone there to paint the boat for us.  It is currently two shades of blue with gold and yellow accents.  Traditional but too dark for my liking.

We are planning on cream and sage green with a beigey/browny/tan if a third color is needed.  In my mind, much more soothing and restful to the eye.

Today I have made an oat scone with dried fruit for breakfast and a corned beef and potato casserole is on the books for tonight's dinner.

But for now, I am on my way to the local charity shops for some retail therapy.  Who knows what might call my name.  Maybe even some more yarn since I have  already used 5 of the 11 purchased recently.  It would never do to run out.

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