Thursday, August 27, 2015

Back from Berlin

We have returned to our boat after our week of babysitting our two fur grands Max and Chewie.  Speaking as a proud fur grandma they were very well behaved and gave grandma lots of cuddling.  My only complaint is that when two lab sized dogs (that is not their breed, though) decide to sleep with you in a twin bed it doesn't leave a lot of room for the human.  But, a small price to pay for love. 

We have moved down the canal to Lymm after returning to the boat yesterday early afternoon.  Today Mike is going to talk to some people at a marina about possibly painting the boat for us.  That leads me to the change of plans as to colors that necessity dictated. 

I really would like a cream and sage green boat but the vinyl covers for the cockpit and cratch are navy and since they would cost a couple of thousand to replace we have to live with them.  Hence a rethink on the color choices.  It probably comes as no surprise that we are leaning towards cream and navy with the cream being the dominant color.  We will let you know if it changes again, as it could.

I have given myself a gold star on the calendar because I came back yesterday to a bare fridge and  still managed to put a dinner on the table using shelf stable ingredients:  bean and mock meat tacos with vegan cheese sauce made with nutritional yeast.  I even made some of my grandma's half hour pudding for dessert.  I thought that definitely deserved a star.  I keep reminding Mike that my cooking skills save him $$$$ or ££££ as the case may be.  Such a modest woman am I.  :-)

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