Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Babysitting the Fur Grands

Today we are parking the boat and heading towards Manchester.  Tomorrow we will take a plane to Germany and end up in Berlin where DD1 is now posted. 

She has to travel back to the states for a wedding and we get to babysit the fur grands, Max and Chewie. 

They are sweet and lovable dogs.  And, although they are large animals, they think they are lap dogs so a lot of snuggling will be done. 

I am so looking forward to "having" a couple of pets for about a week. 

If you think some spoiling might occur, you could be right but I will never admit it to their mother.  Otherwise I may never get to sit again. 

What happens with grandma stays with grandma, right?


  1. Enjoy the snuggling! When you come back to the U.S.A. you are welcome to snuggle my fur kids anytime!

  2. Thanks! Count on my doing just that.