Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stovies for Dinner

Friday was a day of horizontal rain mixed with just gloomy clouds and heavy winds.  We had planned on finishing our trip into Daventry but cruising in those conditions held no appeal, can't imagine why.

That afternoon as I was deciding on dinner a hot and simple comfort food seemed very appropriate.  So, I picked a British comfort food I had been reading about.  Stovies are one of those dishes that different regions tweak to meet their needs.  In Scotland it is usually made with leftover beef.  Others make it with corned beef, or sausages, or mince or, or, or.  You get the idea.

Everyone starts with sliced potatoes and onions.  Some add carrots, I added red pepper since I had some that needed used up.  First, layer the potatoes and onions in a greased pan, with each layer you are traditionally supposed to sprinkle some suet on top but I didn't.  Then pour in about a cup of water, put the lid on and let them cook slowly until they are tender. 

Once tender, add your cooked meat of choice (I used sausages), pour over a cup of stock and a squirt of brown sauce (if you have it) and put the lid back on and cook for a while longer.  Then take the lid off and cook until the liquid is reduced to a light "gravy" of sorts.  Enjoy, we did.

P.S. They are called stovies because they cook on the stove top most of the afternoon giving off wonderful scents of the dinner to come.

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