Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Here is my homemade (a hanger and plastic bags) wreath on the bow of the boat.  It is made to take the elements and not end up looking like something the cat drug in and the dog wouldn't touch.

Here is the old coal fired steam engine that pulled the Santa Train we took a ride on Saturday.  I believe Mike and I may have been the only ones on the train that hadn't brought a kid (talking chronological age not mental age since this season makes many of us kids at heart.)

Two of my little white Christmas tree decorations inside the boat made from paper cones and muffin/cupcake wrapper.

This little guy is "Harry".  He just turned 3 at the beginning of November.  He and his Nana and Papa sat across from us on the train.  He was soooo excited to go visit Santa and give him his letter.  He had even written his own name on the letter!  We shared him a little with Nana and Papa so that we could share in his joy and excitement.  The train was full of children with excited, shining eyes.  Just seeing them makes the season better.

Here is the station where Santa met the train and saw the children. If you look closely at the picture, Papa is drinking an ale.  You've got to love the British.  They provide adult beverages at events such as these.  Mike and I had sherry.  They also gave everyone a mince tart, a very traditional offering this time of year.  In fact, British children leave mince tarts for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.
Our "Christmas tree" and the very necessary, although small, manger scene.

The older style passenger car we rode in during our Santa Train outing.

A cloud of steam as the train prepares to start out.  Very British atmosphere.

My inside Christmas wreath made from gingersnaps and fruit jellies. 

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