Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brandy Alexanders for Christmas Eve

Mike's Aunt Evelyn was a wonderful woman. She was like a second mother to Mike and a third grandmother to my daughters.  When Uncle Bill, her equally wonderful husband, passed away Aunt E began spending Christmas with us.  In return, we had the pleasure of adopting some of her holiday traditions as our own, such as prime rib for Christmas dinner.

Another tradition we embraced was the sipping of a Brandy Alexander as we listened to Christmas carols after returning home from Christmas Eve mass.  It was a wonderful way to relax and de-stress from all the pressures of the season (most of which we do to ourselves, I know :)

Well, Aunt Evelyn is now part of the heavenly choir, we are in England, and this has to be the least stressful Christmas I have ever had as an adult.  But, traditions must be maintained, don't you agree?

I already have the necessary brandy since I have been "feeding" my Christmas pudding a tablespoon a day since Stir Up Sunday.  Cream is readily available.  But the creme de cacao has been hard to locate.

A quick google search located a recipe for making my own that was oh so simple (basically cocoa, sugar, vodka and water).  So now we are all ready for Christmas Eve.  Bring on the Alexanders!

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