Monday, December 2, 2013

Horses on the Canal Path

Say hello to mamma horse and her baby.  These pictures were taken from where our picture window is located on the side of the boat.  We had removed it so that we could treat them with some of our carrots and apples.  Momma loved them, baby was not all that interested.

We had moored at the intersection of the Oxford and Daventry canals for a few days and just down from where we moored we discovered these equine neighbors.  Apparently, according to another boater, gypsies often use the area around a canal path to let their horses graze.  This is the first time we have run into it though.

Neither horse looked very well cared for but all I could do to help was provide treats.  Mike did run into the owner at one point.  The owner wanted Mike to keep an eye on the horses for him but that offer was politely declined.  It is from the owner that Mike learned that it was momma and her baby.

It was sort of fitting to once again see horses walking the canal path.

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