Friday, December 27, 2013

Nativity, Reservations, Boxing and an Anniversary

I haven't posted in 3 days so I better catch you all up on what has been happening.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Children's Mass at the local Atherstone church.  As expected, it was standing room only.  There are two days a year that seem to fill churches to capacity and then some:  Christmas and Easter.

The children of the parish did a nativity play and read the Christmas story from Luke.  Young children identify with the new baby born in a manger because there was no room at the inn.

I had to chuckle when I heard one little boy ask his Mum why they hadn't made reservations when they knew the baby was going to be born.  I bet that child grows up to be someone who always plans ahead. :)

Christmas Day was full of music, flickering candles, good food and a long walk.  Very calm and contented were we.

The 26th was Boxing Day. In the Middle Ages it was a day those with extra put money into the alms boxes of churches to benefit those that were doing without.  Later, it was the day that servents had off to celebrate with their families since they had to work on Christmas.  Usually they would take home a box of gifts, food and useful things given to them by their employers.  Today, it is a day of football (soccer) and sales.

The 26th was also the 40th anniversary of my first date with Michael.  It was a date that never should have happened.  He was the roommate of a young man I had dated a few times that fall quarter.  When he called and asked if he could come over I said no after explaining why this would not be at all correct to do.  Thinking nothing more of it I went upstairs to take a shower and wash my hair.  Forty five minutes later, he rang the doorbell of my parents' home.

Now remember, this was the time of long hair on men, scruffy beards and even scruffier clothes.  Mike was in navy ROTC so his hair was short, he was well groomed and he had on neat clothing.  My father liked him from the start.  When Mike could help him with a word for his crossword puzzle that was the icing on the cake as far as dad was concerned.  I could not let this young man get away. :)
So, I re-dressed and we went out.  We sat at McDonald's and talked for HOURS getting to know each other better.  And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Oh, we are STILL in Atherstone.  The winds here have been very strong, strong enough to move the boat and not necessarily in the direction we want it to go.  Since once we leave here we have a series of 11 locks to navigate through Mike has decided to wait until things are calmer.  The locks are tricky enough without adding a boat with a mind of its own.

Maybe tomorrow.

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