Thursday, December 12, 2013

Someone Moved Our Home While We Were Gone!

I bet you have never been able to say that.
Now I will admit that when Mike was in college his parents moved from the east side of Cleveland to the west side, but he still found them. :)

Today, when we were out exploring a local historical site (more about that later) we came home to find that our boat had definitely been moved a distance down the canal.
Yep, there was our rubber "welcome mat" on the ground by where we used to be.
There were the holes in the ground where our mooring pegs used to be.
But, the boat was no longer there.  It had "walked" itself further down the canal and re-driven it's mooring pegs into the ground.  It had forgotten about the welcome mat, I guess.

Just as we were beginning to create mental  scenarios of what had occurred, here came the man from the boat moored a distance down the canal from us.  He made all clear.

It seems that a boat, which shall remain nameless although we do know its name, was cruising up the canal.  It slowed down for our neighbor's boat.  It was obvious they were in residence because of the smoke coming out of their chimney.

We did not have smoke coming out of our chimney (our fire was banked and we burn coal and not wood) so apparently we were fair game.  The boat resumed normal speed and as it passed us it created such a wake that the mooring pins were torn out of the ground.  Normally it would not have been this easy but the ground here is very wet and soft.

Now that she was free, the boat decided to see if the grass was greener on the other side of the canal.
Luckily the neighbors saw that she was exploring and they very nicely went to get her and bring her home to the correct side of the canal.  Trust me, this took more time and effort than it sounds.

Now remember, these people did not know us from Adam.  We had never met them, said hi, nothing.  But they still helped us out out of the goodness of their hearts.  Takes the bar of being a good neighbor and raises it a few feet doesn't it.

Our lovely neighbors now have a new bottle of wine and we now have 2 mooring pins both at the bow and the stern and 1 in the middle.  I do not want to wake up tomorrow morning and discover myself in Kansas or Oz or wherever.

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