Monday, December 23, 2013

No Snow BUT...

The closest we have come to snow has been a couple of mornings of frost.  Since we are in the midlands that is fairly normal I believe.

However, we have had a great deal of rain (no surprise) and WAY MORE WIND than I had expected.  Today we have, so far, stayed inside our cozy little boat which is being lashed by the rain and rocked by the wind.  Average winds are 45 mph with some gusts reaching 60mph and there seem to be more than their fair share of these harder gusts.

They even have travel advisories out due to the wind.  Top heavy vehicles may to horizontal, ferries might capsize and little cars could have a mind of their own as to what lane they want to be in.

Another thing has been the very short days.  On the 21st we had 7 hours and 30 minutes of daylight and 16 hours and 30 minutes of darkness.  That is a lot of darkness, let me tell you.  Your internal body clock starts getting ready for bed at about 8 and doesn't want to get up until 8 the next morning.  I feel like a hibernating bear! :)

I have been keeping myself busy while avoiding the elements by making zucchini bread, red beans and rice, no bake cookies and today I will make butter pecan fudge.  Can you say carbohydrate addiction?  I know I shouldn't but they are just sooooo comforting.

Later today I am going to put on my foul weather gear and venture out to the charity shops.  I need to find a duvet cover for the second duvet we purchased to forestall frostbite.  I also would like to see if I can find a few more comfy turtle necks and sweaters.  When I downsized my wardrobe to bring over here I stayed with all season tops.  WRONG!  And there are only so many layers I can wear and still be able to move. :)

And who knows, I may also treat myself to a latte at Costa.  Basically, you can take that bet to the bank. :)

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